Grab the opportunity while you can and hire them to plan your precious own dream wedding!

Genie Events situated in Delhi is run by creative and experienced wedding planners, who offer personal and flexible wedding planning services. They plan beautiful, elegant and luxurious weddings. There is a personal, bespoke and flexible approach to wedding planning. Their clients are from all walks of life and their service is tailored to their individual needs.

From small intimate gatherings to large and lavish affairs, every Genie Events wedding planning is unique. They are passionate about what they do & strive to ensure all their celebrations are exceptional. Their approach to wedding planning and design guarantees that from traditional weddings to elegant, contemporary celebrations, every aspect of your day will be exactly as you desire it.

Why to hire Genie Events?

They will be there to help you out on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy an outstanding celebration managed and designed to perfection. They urge the customers to come up with their whims and wishes that these wedding decorators in Delhi/NCR can work on to finally implement and create a wedding that the customers have always dreamt of.

They are highly determined and take full responsibility of organizing all events right from the beginning to the end, from conception to completion.

Always ready with unique ideas!

Genie Events are known for their unique set of ideas, well-organized network of resources and the ability to make sure that the customers, as well as the guests, experience an unforgettable wedding. A quality that is most appreciated is the fact that they are willing to travel all around India for the wedding planning in Delhi/NCR services.

Moreover, Genie Events believe in organizing weddings for all kinds of religions and hence, that has never been a restriction.

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